Non alloy steel scrap

Non alloy steel scrap is the most popular waste material purchased by scrap yards

This is iron with carbon, however, the content of carbon may not exceed 2.11%.

We divide steel scrap into:

  • Feedstock steel scrap (which can be used directly as charge in steel-making)– it is prepared for direct use in steel making process, as feedstock for furnaces. Because of that, it is of highest value. It also has to meet definite parameters – specific chemical composition, allowed level of impurities, dimensions, and bulk density.
  • Not directly recyclable steel scrap (which cannot be used as charge in steel-making without necessary treatment) – unlike the feedstock scrap, it cannot be re-used directly in steel making process. It needs to be pre-treated thermally and mechanically, without that it cannot be recycled. The treatment process allows to obtain specific parameters required.

Steel scrap of various types is processed at the yards of Scholz Polska Sp. z o.o. into a material which as secondary raw material is put to economic use in steelworks and smelters.

Our customers demand materials with a high degree of purity. In the case of scrap, this is not a contradiction, but rather a quality feature. In order to supply customers with specifically required raw materials, we prepare steel and foundry scrap in accordance with quality requirements specified.

Steel scrap reception/acceptance conditions

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