Scrap of non-ferrous metals

Scrap and residues of non-ferrous metals we trade in, first of all copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and tin, as well as alloys of these metals, are sorted and purified by us and processed at our specialized sites, which are provided with modern analytical and processing capabilities. Final customers, that is mills, foundries, or refiners receive from us materials of guaranteed quality, processed in accordance with their specifications concerning composition and size.

Being a part of the Chiho / Scholz international corporation, which has a significant position worldwide, we are capable of effectively selling scrap of non ferrous metals not only in the domestic market, but also worldwide.

Thanks to our experienced personnel, modern equipment and transport fleet we serve both large industrial plants, small business units, and individual customers.

We purchase, process, and sell products in the form of:

  • aluminum scrap,
  • scrap of aluminum casting alloys,
  • scrap of plastically processed aluminum casting alloys,
  • used aluminum beverage cans,
  • scrap of aluminum offset plates,
  • scrap of aluminum alloy profiles,
  • waste in the form of aluminum chips,
  • copper scrap,
  • brass and bronze scrap,
  • zinc and zinc alloys scrap,
  • lead scrap,
  • silicon steel scrap (transformer plates)lead-acid batteries
  • scrapped electric and combustion engines
  • scrapped copper and aluminum cables
  • aluminum skimmings.

Reception/acceptance conditions for scrap of non-ferrous metals

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